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It's time to get ready for school!

Check out BlackDog's cool Back to School Coloring Book.  Print out the pages, color them, then bind them all together to make your own coloring book.

Grab the free back to school screen savers:  Back to School Screen Saver #1, Back to School Screen Saver #2, Back to School Screen Saver #3 and the Time for School Screen Saver.

Get along with others!  You hear this all the time from adults.  Check out Be Cool, Know the Rules.  There's a very nifty Be Cool Screensaver, too - free.

Have some fun playing a Back to School word search game.

Check out some fun math worksheets to help you hit the ground running this year.

Work on your math skills on-line with BlackDog's Flash Card Quiz Games.

Have some fun playing a cool Math Game.

Print out and color some nifty Alphabet Letters or make your very own U.S. States Coloring Book.

Get hints and a head start on your "What I Did Last Summer" story at Miss Kitty's Story Book - How to Write a Story.

Get a head start on your history lessons and learn something about the U.S. Presidents.

Then print some Back to School bookmarks.  To print your bookmark, when the page has fully loaded, click on "File" (usually located in the upper left-hand corner of your web browser's screen), then click on "Print."  To return to this page, click your web browser's "Back" button.

Look around!  There's lots to do at BlackDog!

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